Master of Clinical Education

Course Code: MC-CLINED


The Master of Clinical Education focuses on research and leadership skills. It builds on the foundation laid by the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching and the Graduate Diploma of Clinical Education, allowing you to not only develop and deliver clinical teaching but be involved in leadership and change management in clinical education.

The course work focuses on learning practical leadership skills and the research component enables students to develop skills in undertaking and critiquing clinical education research.

Who is this course for?

The Master of Clinical Education hones existing research and leadership skills to an advanced level to create clinical education leaders.

All Australian and international clinical teachers are welcome to apply. The course is not available to students who require a student visa to reside and study in Australia. However, interstate and international participants are able to undertake an intensive coursework option, which means visiting Melbourne twice a year.

Pathways to further study

The Master of Clinical Education is the final step in the series of Excellence in Clinical Teaching (EXCITE) nested award courses. The Masters will enable you to lead others in developing and evaluating educational quality in your organisation. It will also provide a recognised platform of research training from which you could pursue ongoing research at a PhD level.

Course structure

The Master of Clinical Education is offered once each year and is delivered in a semi-intensive workshop format.


Year 1

Year 1 subjects are completed as per the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching. Browse subject information for Year 1.

Year 2

Year 2 subjects are completed as per the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education. Browse subject information for Year 2.

Year 3

Semester 1
EDUC90836 Leadership in Clinical Education

The field of clinical education is rapidly developing in order to meet the ever-changing needs of Australia's health workforce. This subject addresses the multiple roles of health education leaders to maintain and develop current clinical education curriculums.

You will investigate theories and models of leadership in the context of current reforms in education and training. Recognising, responding, managing and leading clinical education in this context, you will develop a scholarly grasp of leadership and change management theory.

EDUC90837 Clinical Education Research Proposal
This subject provides practical support and guidance for a career-facing research project in your chosen field. It builds on the theoretical research paradigms and methods introduced in the Graduate Diploma of Clinical Education. Applying these skills, you will develop and refine a research question and carry out appropriate research design and methods.
Semester 2
EDUC90838 Project in Clinical Education

This project involves a defined research project, culminating in a minor thesis on a topic of practical importance to your clinical education work. You're encouraged to pursue a topic that is important yet feasible to resolve within the bounds of this project.

All preliminary work refining the research question, designing the methodology, reviewing the literature and applying for ethics approval will have been undertaken in the preceding semester.

You will present your research findings as a scholarly article as your contribution to the existing body of clinical education literature.


The research project is your opportunity to conduct a small-scale study and familiarize yourself with the research process in practice from start to finish.

A limit of 10,000 words means the project is small scale, amounting to a quality assurance or a pilot project by clinical teaching standards.

Selection requirements and course fees

Entry requirements

The Masters is the final stage of EXCITE's nested award program in Clinical Education.  A nested program is a sequence of courses which is followed to obtain the highest available award and which has multiple entry and exit points. This structure allows the flexibility to qualify for the ultimate award or exit at an earlier stage.

As a nested program, applicants may enter at Year 1 (Graduate Certificate level) and progress through to Year 2 (Graduate Diploma level) and Year 3 (Master level).   Applicants with a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education will be eligible to enter with Advanced Standing at Year 3 of the Masters program, as may be those with an equivalent qualification in clinical education, or medical or health professional education from another university.

Those who have not completed the equivalent of Year 1 and 2 must apply to enter the Masters program at Stage 1, the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching.

2017 course fees

Domestic students (i.e. Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents): $2,825 per 12.5 credit point subject.

Students not residing in Australia and Australian temporary or provisional residents: $4,675 per 12.5 credit point subject.

The University of Melbourne offers staff and their immediate families a discount of up to 25 percent on tuition fees for the Master of Clinical Education. Completed forms should be uploaded in the supporting documentation section of the online application.

Fee inclusions

Fees include tuition, course materials and access to on-line resources and catering (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea). Students will also have access to a range of facilities and amenities provided by the University of Melbourne.


FEE HELP is a loan from the Australian Government to cover tuition fees and is available to Australian citizens only. Note that Fee Help does not cover any costs associated with the Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF).

More information

Browse the Frequently Asked Questions for the Masters program.

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